Small Business Learning Support Subscription Small Business Learning Support

We know that small businesses (15 or fewer employees) can't always afford full-time learning support. For just $99 per month including tax, we can help your small business with all of your team's learning needs.

We can help you plan for: 

  • all organizational training needs
  • safety training courses
  • compliance training courses
  • new team member onboarding
  • new and transitioning team member orientation
  • instructional design/course design
  • learning management systems (LMS)
  • software implementation and optimization training
  • access to learning templates, presentations and other documents
  • business support and enhancement (including business partners) 
  • professional development for team members on all topics 
  • organizational development
  • team building activities
  • team personality assessments like Myers-Briggs (MBTI)

All of this for just $99 per month including tax. Support is provided part-time through one telephone or in-person meeting per week, plus daily email support. Purchase six months of support and get one month free. Purchase one year, and get two months free. 

If you end up needing more support as you grow, we can provide you with preferred rates.

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