Organizational learning assessment Organizational Learning Assessment

Small and medium-sized organizations have unique learning challenges: how to remain complaint with legislation and policy, while also helping employees learn and grow. With everyone wearing a lot of hats, it's hard to find time to review and strategically improve your learning programs.

No organization can afford to build or operate a learning program that doesn't meet its business objectives. Corporate strategy and learning objectives need to go hand in hand. Gone are the days of expensive, overly complicated corporate training. There is a "just right" model for you.

It can be very stressful to figure out where to start! We can help. Starting at just $99 including GST, we can come into your organization, talk to your people, conduct a high level review your systems and provide you with an assessment of your learning needs. We can identify those issues that require immediate training (safety, compliance, etc.) as well as those initiatives that can help build your people and your brand for the long run.

At the completion of the assessment, you'll get a customized report with clear recommendations on a way forward. Of course, if you're interested, John Howie Learning can return for custom services and support down the road.

Ready to "up your learning game" for your small or medium sized business? Contact us and we will be in touch by the next business day.