Learning Management System (LMS) Assessment

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One of the ways companies can organize training for their employees is through the use of a Learning Management System (LMS). Training is a necessary part of corporate culture, be it training that is required for safety protocols or to be compliant with legislation, or training that is intended to enrich an employee's professional career. An LMS application will enable an organization to give structure to training by:

  • keeping track of which employees require which training,  
  • providing a platform for training materials to be presented and consumed, and
  • tracking completion of training.

These LMS systems vary in complexity from very simple to exceptionally robust. It is important for an organization to use an LMS that addresses its specific training needs. The LMS must meet both current training needs and any changes that are on the short-term horizon. It is important that the LMS not be too limiting nor too robust for these immediate and short-term needs. An LMS that is too simple for an organization's needs will soon be discarded (often at great expense). At the other end of the spectrum, an LMS that is too complex for an organization's training needs will cause a training issue in and of itself, and will often be much more costly than is necessary. 

Starting at just $99 including GST, we can come into your organization, talk to your people, review your current systems and conduct an assessment of your learning management system needs. 

At the completion of the assessment, you'll get a customized report with clear recommendations on a way forward. Of course, if you're interested, John Howie Learning can return for custom services and support down the road.

Ready to give your employees the structured training they deserve through investment in a learning management system? Contact us and we will be in touch by the next business day.