Instructional design assessment Instructional Design Assessment
Learning professionals know that the way we teach is directly correlated with how well people can learn. Instructional design is the practice of creating learning content that can be fully understood and embraced: to create content and space where learning can truly take place.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we create transactional learning, whereby the learner accepts the content at only a superficial level, and takes in only enough information to achieve a passing grade on the credential. Of course, this kind of learning is unsatisfactory for all: the learner does not value the experience, the content is not retained and the training does not result in enhanced performance or changed behaviours for the individual and the organization.

Skilled instructional designers know how to create learning content that is compelling, strong enough to be retained, and creates true change for individuals and organizations. If your training is falling short, you may need to review your content with a professional instructional designer.

Starting at just $99 including GST, we can come into your organization, talk to your people, review your current training and conduct an assessment of the quality of your training from an instructional design perspective.

At the completion of the assessment, you'll get a customized report with clear recommendations on a way forward. Of course, if you're interested, John Howie Learning can return for custom services and support down the road.

Are you ready to get better results from your training through an instructional design assessment? Contact us and we will be in touch by the next business day.